Today was one of those days for me. It started out pretty average and

the list of things to do seemed endless and with each accomplishment

I made,  I found two more things to add to the mass of projects already

needing to be completed.

So I got my headset on and popped into a music club I had very

recently discovered. I thought a little music in the background would

be perfect. Who doesn’t like some good music playing!

My problem with music in SL, is that all clubs you go to are very

committed to a genre, and while that might be ok for most people, I

love a variety of styles. And my two most favorite are Country and

some good decent Rock. And OMG there is actually a club out there

that plays these two together, all mixed up and entwined!!

After just a little bit. I found my foot tapping and then my head was

moving. It wasnt long that my pen which I was using to write with

suddenly turned into a microphone and a was on stage giving the

concert of my life!

Have you ever turned on the radio and found yourself dancing as if no

one were around to see you. You just let it all go and swayed with the

broom in the corner or fell on the couch and let your feet kick in the

air? Found yourself pulling out your dusty air guitar and  jamming

along? Find that once that song was done, another one that made

you feel exactly the same way, and you started that silly, getting into the

music dance, all over again?

Well I did today and I don’t know when it happened, it may have been about the time I was singing Girl Crush, or Beer With Jesus, that I slipped on my cowboy hat and suddenly realized,  “Hey, why don’t  I have one of these in SL!!”

So, can you guess what I did next? Yep, I headed to blender and began

to make myself one. And I thought I would share the inspired hat with you as a gift!

Now most of you might know what to do with these, for those that

need alittle help with it, step into group chat and  shout out what you need help with.

Blender For Beginners and/or The Ditko University

I want to give a big shout out to Shit Kicker’s.  For the hospitality and

making me feel like one of the family. Thanks guys!!

So to get your hat head over there, check them out. I doubt you’ll be disappointed!

Happy Dancing,

Blue Moon

For those of you that don’t know it, July 31st, 2015 is night of the blue moon. I am sure most of you have hear the expression,  “Once in a  Blue Moon” That is because this event is rather rare.  what happens is that the moon becomes full twice in one calendar month. usually it only happens once a month.  But when things time up and line up just right,   we get to have 2 full ones in the same month.

Find the romantic or adventurer in yourself and do something “Once in a Blue Moon”

For me,  I wrote a little romantic poem and I thought I would share it with you.

Below find a SLURL to visit for  your free gift inspired by the Blue Moon

Please enjoy

Blue Moon

Please will you meet me beneath the full moon.
Tonight is her night and shes shining in blue.
The crystal waters of the bay, over her hold no sway,
and the sapphire of the isles, don’t compare by many miles.
I want to bask in her beautiful light,
and I wish to share it with you this night.
We can stand on the edge of a dream,
and against each other we can lean.
You can hold my hand and hold my gaze,
I’ll squeeze your fingers letting my hopes raise.
Repeat after me, word for word,
For we want every sound to be heard.
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.
Then close your eyes and count to three,
Tell not a soul, not even me.
Next kiss my lips, the wishes sealed tight,
Forever remember this  Once in a Blue Moon night.

Hi there,

So I wanted to have a page where I just shared some of the things I do in my everyday life,  Either something I made to satisfy my sweet tooth, maybe a coffee recipe or perhaps a poem that I jotted down. Little self indulgences if you will.  And as you will see, these self indulgences  are often very inspiring. Stay with me a bit here and see what  I mean…

So where to start,  I hate the idea of boring anyone, yet, I do know that you could simply close the page and never look back after just a line into reading this.  So its a tough choice, Time to grab your attention!!

Let’s start how I usually start my day… Pulling my head out from beneath the covers, and sitting on the edge of the bed if I hadn’t actually rolled over and fallen on the floor first. It’s like being on automatic pilot at that point. I’m not sure how but I usually, well 8 times out of 10 make it down the steps without tripping over my own feet,  and miraculously find my way to the kitchen where I flip on the keurig and open a drawer that contains  no less, on any given day,  then 20 different flavors of coffee. Everything is in there, Cinnabon, chocolate chip cherry swirl,  French toast,  mudslide, raspberry parfait, vanilla caramel, Starbucks mocha,  mocha swirl, sugar cookie and the list goes on, its simply amazing that they make all these flavors. All I have to do is decide which one I want! Not as easy a task as you might think. Considering there is a refrigerator  which has no less then  5 flavors of coffee cream, a shelf that holds 7 flavors of powder creamer and bottles upon bottles of extracts and LorAnn oils. You will also find sea salt on that shelf and salted caramel cream .. White chocolate cream, dark chocolate cream!! OMG, again the list goes on and on. You almost feel like a rocket scientist, the only thing that’s missing is the flasks, burners and safety goggles.

So I decided this morning  I would let fate lead me and I reached into the drawer and pulled out the first one that my fingers laid on.  Honestly, you can hardly go wrong,  all of them are just so delicious.  “Wild Mountain Blueberry” by Van Houtte was the one I got. The soft roasted flavor of the bean is infused with the mellow taste of the sweet berry. So I pop  my foam cup ( I don’t do dishes! ) and coffee choice into place and hit the *brew* button.

Next my eyes scan, or try to  scan through the flavorings but it seems  I, once again  forgot my glasses,  Happens every single darn day. ..  And after grabbing them and passing the mirror and scaring the heck out of myself with my bed head hair, I start to pick out what I want to go with the coffee. Today I squirted a bit of semi sweet chocolate into the cup and a nice splash of Coldstones Sweet Cream creamer. I added a drop of  LorAnn  raspberry oil to enhance the flavor that was already in the coffee and then a drop of blueberry oil as well.  With the flavors added,  I wanted to make sure I didn’t drown out the blueberry already in it.

Now comes that part I told you would be coming…

The best part of todays coffee is that this morning it was chilly outside and the hot creamy delicious coffee felt comforting. I took my cup with me outside and sat in the dark cool morning hour with my hands clasped around it and slowly sipped.  The only thing missing was a nice little blanket to snuggle myself up in.

You know, even though  on SL we don’t get cold, sometimes its nice to have a blanket, Wouldn’t you agree? So today I was inspired to make one and thought I would share it with all of you.

Here is a link to the files and a link to the youtube video explaining the file in more detail for those that might need it

You’ll have the animation, the blanket in four sizes and coffee cup all set to bring in world, and full perm too!

please do share and like and  subscribe and come back for more!!

Happy Sipping


I added a new blend file to include a coffee cup along with the UV layout for it