Blender for Beginners is up…

As many of you know,  my first love is creating things.  I simply can not pass up a chance to bring a part of my dreams to life. After all, what are dreams? They are our true hearts wishes. It is one of the reasons,  (only one), that I find so enjoyable about Second...

Back and updating

Hi Everyone,  I know it’s been a while since I last posted here. Life took its turns and offered a few obstacles, but with all that finally  well under control it is time to get back to  the pages here and continuing on with what I wanted to  accomplish. Please...

Blender Bsurfaces

Take a look on the tutorials page for a recently added tutorial on Blender Bsurfaces. This is a great tool, you can use it for building your starting geometry,  adding to your existing mesh, or even retopology and mesh clothing. This is a basics instructional video....

Marvelous Designer Collars

I have been asked to  do some tutorials on collars and such and so I added one to day on making a collar that shows a few of the basic techniques for it. Enjoy creating, Haven

Blender – Gimp nsync / tutorial

A tutorial on how to use the blender gimp auto refresh scripts and how to use them with Second Life Local textures. This process works with Photoshop pretty much the same, the set up is a bit different with needing to set up the bridge as well.

Another Quick MD tutorial

This one shows you how to bring in an image to use as a base for pattern drawing and shows you two ways of making the actual pattern piece  with them. Enjoy, Haven

Marvelous Designer Gets A New Skin

I added a small tutorial for those of you interested in getting a skin on to the Avatar in  MD to make creating clothing even more SL Realistic!

Free Marvelous Designer?

Is this a  too good to be true type of offer. Possibly, only in the fact that you have to enter to win this. How hard is it to enter? Not at all, just like the page and  you are entered. I do not know about those people that have already liked the pages before this ...

Welcome to the pages of The Ditko University 


   Within in these pages, I hope to bring you the tools and techniques you need to enhance your SL experience and even your real life.  You can make your SL anything you want to.




Is it wrong to spread your wings and fly where your dreams take you? Or is it wrong to hide your wings and never attempt to defy gravity or defy those that say your dreams are not obtainable?
My dreams are filled, My dreams are incredible, My dream are reachable, My dreams are Mine.