Blender for Beginners is up…

As many of you know,  my first love is creating things.  I simply can not pass up a chance to bring a part of my dreams to life. After all, what are dreams? They are our true hearts wishes.

It is one of the reasons,  (only one), that I find so enjoyable about Second life. We have the ability to make whatever we want.

One of my other loves is to be able to help you create the things that you love as well.
Moving towards this end,  one of the things I  know you will need to  learn for creating for Second life or any of the other virtual worlds, is how to model in a 3D program.

I do use Blender, and I find that it has such advanced features and add-ons and base operations that it is not only fit to do anything I want, it truly is an easy program to learn. Please do not let others  dissuade you with the statement,  there’s a learning curve..  THERE IS NOT.

Let me share a tiny bit with you about how I got started in blender.   I heard  a bit about it and with a small amount of research I was able to find some classes in world. The classes were promoted with,  how easy it is and how this class is geared to new the modeler. Stating if you never even opened the program before you can do this.  Well, I had opened it up at least once and thought, I am now a step ahead!!  And I thought if I just put my mind to it, I can do this!!

So off to class I go and I didn’t go alone, I brought ( dragged) someone along with me. ( why that is important, i’ll make clear soon)

We sat there among 35-40 other students, and I was so eager and I strained to hear every word and I  watched and studied ever screenshot  the instructor  displayed and I was just getting the movement of my object when all of a sudden, I lost it, I was not even 5 minutes into the class and I was lost!  I heard another student ask a question , and when that was  answered,  helped me to find my way back  to where I got lost and was now on the right track again…. for about another 3 minutes, then lost again. The class was 75 minutes of me being lost,  and frustrated and question my own ability to follow simple directions and instructions. I promise you that I was in tears by the end. and the person that I dragged along,  was at least kind enough not to strangle me for bringing them.

And the other bright spot to an otherwise horrible experience was that when I looked up,  only five students besides myself and my friend were there, EVERYONE else left somewhere in the time of the class, it seems I was not the only one that didn’t get it.. 30-35 students got up and left the class, cause they too were having troubles with it.

And my friend was right there  with me, as far as not understanding.

This made me think that maybe it wasn’t the program that was the issue, maybe it was the way it was being taught, so I set out on a quest! To teach myself how to use Blender. And after months of reading,  researching and trying out every single button on the interface and in the menus, I finally began to make sense of it. It wasn’t long before the light bulb went off and WOW, what a wonderful program it turned out to be!  And  I set out to  find a way to teach it, to show people it is easy!! And it makes sense, and  you can learn how to Blender think!!

Mesh plays a part in so many of the things that we create in  second life. and there are so many  steps, and we need to not only learn them but we need to be taught in a manner that makes the whole thing make sense.

I have taught this basic modeling class to possibly more then a thousand students over a couple years and now I have placed it on  this site to help as many as I can reach. This is the first steps,  it is  the basic things that you need to know to start and not only that, this is the stuff most people, who do tutorials, think you already know!!  By the time you finish this and learn these things, you will see that there is nothing you can’t make.. and it only gets better.

More intermediate and advanced topics to come and learn, but first learn the basics!!


Oh and that friend of mine, He now uses blender and is an awesome creator and animator! * Huffs her nails*

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